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Dr. Mair
David C. Mair, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer
Mid-America Blood Services Division

As a physician, I witness the need for blood first-hand almost every day. Recently a partnering hospital performed surgery on four trauma victims. The patients required a total of 95 units of red blood cells, 30 units of platelets, 60 units of plasma and 50 units of cryoprecipitate. Thanks to our dedicated blood donors and committed volunteers and staff, the blood products were available for the patients and they are all doing well.

Unfortunately, this is not uncommon and only reinforces the need to maintain a stable and readily available blood supply. This summer, blood and platelet donations are in great need, especially type O negative, B negative and A negative. While all blood types are needed, Rh negative blood types are always in high demand because they potentially can be transfused to patients with Rh positive or Rh negative blood types. Type O negative, the universal blood type, can potentially be transfused to patients with any blood type.

The Red Cross depends on volunteer blood donors to provide lifesaving blood for those in need every day. If you are eligible to donate, please make an appointment to give blood this summer. In addition to contributing to your community's blood supply, you can help change lives by recruiting blood donors, volunteering at a blood drive, taking a CPR, first aid, babysitting or water safety class, volunteering as a disaster relief responder or making disaster preparedness presentations.

I am tremendously grateful for all the dedicated Red Cross volunteers who provide these lifesaving gifts. Together, we can fulfill the mission of the American Red Cross and help save people's lives.

Have a happy and safe summer!

- David C. Mair, M.D.

I'm think it's #Good2Give by being a Red Cross lifesaver this summer. Join me!

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Summer is a good time to give

Good to Give. Good to Go.

The American Red Cross is thanking those who make time to give blood and platelets during the summer months through great promotions! Good to Give. Good to Go. offers all presenting donors (ages 21 and older) the chance to win a trip for four to Orlando, Fla. each time they visit the Red Cross through September 7, 2011.

To show appreciation of those who commit to helping save lives between June 27 and July 6, 2011, the Red Cross is raffling off portable Garmin GPS units, and to all presenting donors between August 29 and September 7, 2011, $500 gas cards will be raffled off.

Now through August 13, 2011, youth (ages 16 to 19) can take part in Live. Give. Life. for the chance to win fun prizes like music downloads, mini portable speakers, Kindle e-readers and Netbooks.

For additional information visit our website.

I'm going to give blood this summer because it's #Good2Give! Are you?

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A family of advocates

Cambridge Hardin
Cambridge Hardin

The day Christie Hardin was diagnosed with hereditary angioedema (HAE) was tough, but the day Cambridge, her infant daughter, was diagnosed with the same condition was even tougher. HAE is a very rare genetic condition that causes human tissue and organs to swell, particularly of the face and airways, and abdominal cramping.

Cambridge is the fifth generation in her family living with the disease, and at 12 years old, she deals with the daily fear of life-threatening attacks. Cambridge depends on generous volunteer blood donors to survive. She receives treatments manufactured from donated blood to replace low levels of protein. This allows Cambridge to manage her condition and stay as active as other young adults.

The Hardin family is raising awareness about HAE and the importance of donating blood with great success. Cambridge has become an inspiration to many, not only due to her strength but also because of her commitment to helping others.

The Red Cross has made a difference in my life. How has the Red Cross helped you?

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Summertime tweets are Good to Give. Good to Go.

TwitterThis summer, connect with the American Red Cross on Twitter! Tell us why you donate or volunteer with the Red Cross and add the hashtag #Good2Give to your tweets. By following us, you can learn about the Good to Give. Good to Go. summer giveaways, donation tips along with other exciting news and events.

Gear up to win with Red Cross Racing

Get in the driver's seat this summer! Visit Red Cross Racing to enter to win a new 2012 Ford Fiesta SE in the Summer Drive Sweepstakes! But, don't wait until the final lap to sign up (ages 18 and older) – registrations must be complete by September 14.

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This summer, take a break to prepare!

No matter what your family does this summer, spend some time together and get prepared:

Day one: In the 40 minutes it takes to wait in line for a roller coaster, you could also make an emergency plan for your family.

Day two: In the 45 minutes it takes to build a sandcastle, you could also assemble a disaster supply kit.

Day three: Spend 90 minutes learning lifesaving skills instead of playing a video game.

Day four: Sign up to volunteer rather than sitting and watching TV.

Day five: Postpone that nap and take an hour to give blood or platelets.

For more information on how you and your family can take a break to prepare, visit the Red Cross website.

Water Bottle

Thank you for spreading the word! 

Thanks to all of the American Red Cross donors who forwarded the May eNewsletter to at least five friends and helped spread the word about the Red Cross and blood and platelet donation!

Charles Oberhausen from Fisherville, KY is the May eNewsletter raffle winner of the Red Cross water bottle!

You could be a winner this month. Everyone who forwards this eNewsletter to at least five people using the “Send to a Friend” feature above will automatically be entered into a raffle to win a Red Cross water bottle.

Sounding Off: 

We wish we could list all the great feedback we get from donors, but there's only so much room. Here's one testimonial from Colleen who will reach her 12 gallon milestone in July with her two sisters.

"I got my inspiration to donate blood from my dad. He would take us kids along (there were 11 of us) when he donated and I always wanted to donate too. I have two sisters, and the three of us have a blood donation appointment on July 11. We will be receiving our 12 gallon pins at the same time. I think this is so neat! I'm the oldest, so I'm not sure how they caught up with me!"

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