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Will you get involved this winter?

Will you get involved this winter?

Winter is a great time to be involved. It’s the season for giving and the American Red Cross offers a wide selection of ways individuals can get involved and help others.

Everyone has a different reason for giving. Whatever your reason is, donating to the Red Cross is an easy way to help improve and save lives. By donating time, money or blood you can play an extremely important role helping those in need. Check out the many ways you can get involved through the Red Cross. Take the time this holiday season and change a life, starting with your own.

Hurricane relief

Hurricane Relief

Recent hurricanes significantly impacted the Red Cross on many levels. Blood supplies already low in many parts of the country declined further as the hurricanes hit. Disaster relief operations were also impacted by the storms. The Red Cross opened more than 900 shelters, served more than 14 million meals and snacks, deployed more than 20,000 volunteers, and provided health and mental health services to tens of thousands of people.

While the Red Cross continues to help people affected by the hurricanes, the cost of providing relief has rapidly outpaced contributions. In September, the Red Cross launched a $100 million nationwide fundraising campaign. We’re almost there. Read how others have helped contribute to this goal and how you can too.

American Red Cross gets social

i'm Ready to Help

Social media, the use of internet-based tools for sharing and discussing information, often integrating technology, social interaction and the construction of words, pictures, videos and audio is a tool widely used by Red Cross volunteers, staff and supporters.

On the Red Cross Chat Blog you can read what is happening with the Red Cross throughout the U.S. To see or share Red Cross photos and videos simply visit Flickr and YouTube. Popular social networking sites also have Facebook pages to help you keep in touch with the Red Cross.

Supporting the Red Cross is now easier through social media using features such as the Cause Page on Facebook and the i’m™instant messaging initiative which shares advertising revenues with the Red Cross. Additionally, people can download Red Cross avatars for websites in place of a picture of themselves to raise awareness about Red Cross services or text message to raise money.

High school donor Mai Houa Thao

Mai Houa Thao

Seventeen-year-old Mai Houa Thao laughs when asked how she learned about blood donation, “It’s sort of childish, but my older brother donated blood at his high school and bragged about it, so I vowed to do it too! Plus, I was curious about my blood type. Since my brother is A positive and we are not alike in any way, I just thought maybe I might have a different type, and I did! I’m O positive.”

Mai Houa said she felt a twinge of fear about giving blood right after she turned in her donation form, but when the time came, she was not afraid. “It was not as bad as I thought, considering I’m afraid of needles. It was a pinch and that was it.

“Since my blood type is O positive and can be transfused to anyone with a positive blood type, I want to donate and help those in need as much as I can,” she says and adds, “I plan to donate blood for the rest of my life.”

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We wish we could list all the great feedback we get from readers, but there's only so much room. Here's what Isabel Hubbard of Middleton, Wis. had to say:

“I was so pleased as a new donor, with the professionalism of the Red Cross staff. So far I’ve donated four times and it’s been a great experience.”

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Weight requirements for double red cell donation have been lowered for some Red Cross Blood Services Regions. For more information about double red cell donation and weight requirements in your area click here.


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