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March Is Red Cross MonthRed Cross Month

March was first proclaimed Red Cross Month in 1943 by President Franklin Roosevelt. Each U.S. president since has continued the tradition of setting aside the month of March to celebrate, as Roosevelt said, “the splendid aims and activities of the American Red Cross.” Sixty-five years later, the American Red Cross continues to provide a wide array of services to people in every community throughout the nation.

In addition to being the nation’s single largest blood collection organization, the Red Cross offers health and safety training, serves as a vital emergency communication link between military personnel and their families at home, teaches disaster preparedness and provides relief to victims of disasters of all types and sizes.

None of this could happen without you. Your generous donations make it possible for the Red Cross to extend vital services to the many communities we serve. We recognize and appreciate your efforts every day of the year, but offer a special thank-you during Red Cross Month.

Click here to see examples of your donations at work.

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Learn about different types of blood donation

Did you know there is more than one way you can donate blood? Technology has evolved in a manner that helps to meet patients’ unique blood needs. Click here to learn more about the different methods of blood donation.


Music Saves LivesMusic Saves Lives

Donate blood and get a backstage pass to the
2008 Vans Warped Tour

As last eNewsletter’s survey clearly shows, many people donate blood for the first time when in high school and college. In that spirit, the Red Cross has partnered with Music Saves Lives to offer free 2008 Vans Warped Tour backstage passes to all presenting blood donors at participating blood drives this summer.

Music Saves Lives is a partnership between music, entertainment and important lifesaving causes such as educating teens and young adults about the importance of blood and marrow donation.

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We want to know where you heard about the blood drive the last time you donated blood. Click here to Take Your Pulse.

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In the last eNewsletter we asked where you first gave blood. Click here to see the results.

Call for entries!
Red Cross t-shirt design competition

The National Red Cross Youth Council is launching a contest to create a modern t-shirt design just for young blood donors. Your design could be featured on 600,000 t-shirts distributed at Red Cross blood drives across the country. To find out more click here.

Super donor Rae Ann Flesner

Although Rae Ann Flesner would never call herself a super donor, by Red Cross standards she certainly fits the category. Flesner started giving blood in 1960 when her husband’s barber asked them both if they’d donate at a Red Cross blood drive his wife was coordinating.

Rae Ann FlesnerSince then, Flesner has donated more than 110 pints of blood, about 13 gallons. After 10 years of helping recruit donors for the blood drives, Flesner began thinking about coordinating blood drives of her own. “I thought we needed a blood drive here (Milroy, Minn.) so folks wouldn’t have to drive so far,” she said. “I wondered if the Red Cross would be able to support a drive in such a small town.” The drives Flesner started 10 years ago continue to bring in more than 100 pints of blood each year.

Three years ago Flesner was asked if she would represent Blood Services on the Renville/Redwood American Red Cross Chapter Board of Directors. Flesner said she would. She and her husband Kenneth, a six-gallon blood donor, also contribute financially to the Red Cross.

Flesner and women from her church, also sew dozens of quilts for Lutheran World Relief and the Chapter. When asked what drives her super donor action, Flesner laughs and says, “Volunteers who live in small towns often get the chance to wear many hats. To tell the truth, I enjoy it! It makes me feel good.”

Sounding Off

We wish we could list all the great feedback you gave us about the eNewsletter, but there’s only so much room. Here’s what one reader had to say:

Just received your eNewsletter. Very informative and interesting. Thanks for the info. Looking forward to the next one. P.S. When I donate a pint in March, it will be my third gallon!

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